14 September 2017
Warsaw Marriott Hotel, Warsaw, Poland

Presentations from Europlatform 2016

Held on 22 September 2016 in Vienna, Austria

New Generation Rental

The organisers, Access International and IPAF, thank all the delegates who attended, as well as the line-up of excellent speakers, who have allowed their presentations to be shared online.

OPENING PRESENTATION: Toolbox to shoebox

Trends in the design of high reach truck-mounted platforms

Hybrid technology and drive systems of the future

Assessing the impact of online rentals

Reducing the cost of ownership of your fleet

Creating a culture of safety

Virtual reality: a tool for training of operators and technicians

Preventing common MEWP-related accidents (German version)
Preventing common MEWP-related accidents (English version)

Safety 2.0: connecting man and machine

Europe's rental market: pockets of growth

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